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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  December 18, 2015 6:00am-7:00am EST

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breaking news right now at 6:00, the move by pope francis and how it will impact mother teresa's legacy. >> an 8-year-old girl escapes a house fire, investigators on the scene. and a lawsuit against the chipotle for the norovirus, in boston. >> from channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz "this morning". good morning, everybody, i'm bree sison in for kathryn hauser. >> and i'm chris mckinnon, happy friday december 18. >> love friday. >> we all love friday! towards the christmas holiday too, pamela. i know, can you believe it, a week away! and temperatures don't really feel like the season today, unfortunately as we get closer
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now this weekend feeling more like the season as we are tracking a big cooldown, for now, 48 degrees to start off your morning in boston, 58 in taunton, may not need that heavy winter coat today, good news and you might want that fall jacket, at least, visibility reduced thanks to the fog that has settled in overnight, three quarters of a mile from p-town to chatham, that's where we expect a dense fog to hold through the rest of this morning. otherwise, some light fog, satellite radar picture shows no heavy rain falling from the sky, although the showers are to our south and west, and this little disturbsance -- disturbance will come our way, giving us a chance for a shower mainly eastern half and southeastern portions of massachusetts. temperatures stay in the upper 40s, low 50s throughout the entire day, and then coming up this weekend, high temps in the 30s, when that will happen, coming up in just a bit. traffic and weather together, robi. pamela, a few problems on 93 up in the andover stretch this morning, first an accident now
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there's a disabled car on 93 southbound, just after daskham road, the center lane blokd up, now back up to river road, sluggish between 128 and mont vail. checking the south, the expressway already bumper to bumper between furnish brook and the mall, 128 to stoughton, 128 southbound, 38 and the split, heavy north from bergden parkway and the split. breaking news right now from the vatican, officials say pope francis approved the miracle needed to make mother teresa a saint. the vatican says a woman's prayers to mother teresa helped her tuz -- husband come out of a coma, possible he will cannonize her during the first week of september.
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fire, she's okay. >> but more is involved, nicole jacobs is there on the scene with this investigation, think coal? >> reporter: the big headline, that 8-year-old little girl is okay, but the department of family and families is investigating after she was left home alone at this home and that's when the fire began, we'll get you right to some video this morning of those flames really shooting from the building, you can see just how intense the fire was, fire crews right now say the fire began on the first floor of building, in the kitchen area, there was a tenant on the second floor as well, that tenant as well as get out okay. when fire crew arrived, we're told that little girl was being comforted by neighbor here. we're also told the mother at the time all this was going on, had gone to the grocery store. i can't tell you one firefighter was injured as a result of this fire, a minor shoulder injury
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here on hudson street in milton, one fire truck remains here on the scene as they continue to man this home, making sure no hotspots or anything like that will pop up here. but again, the department of children and families is investigating this 8-year-old little girl being left at home alone, of course, looking in to the circumstances surrounding that, we'll continue to keep you updated as we learn more. jacobs, wbz "this morning ". >> nicole, thank you very much for the update. 6:04 and your friday morning, a brookline mother suing chipotle because of the norovirus outbreak in cleveland circle, andrea dow says her 16-year-old son alexander was one of the 53 people who got sick. the attorney representing the family says the restaurant needs to be put under a microscope so this doesn't happen again. chipotle says they don't comment on pending legal actions but quote generally speaking however, in incidents like this, it is our aim to work with customers to see that these issues are resolved, the
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remains closed this morning. a wbz inclusive -- exclusive, we're hearing from the armed serial robber, arresting sletzinger saying he robbed the brewster convenience store, the fbi says sletzinger was wanted in connection with a dozen armed robberies up and town the east coast over the past month, the family who owns the convenience store spoke exclusively to wbz. >> i'm scared to death. >> after he was arrested, he felt like, oh, everything is fine now. >> sletzinger's family has a house in harwich, police say had he found stolen gun there as well as baseball hats he wore while committing the crimes. new this morning, a big set back for bernie sanders after accessing hillary clinton's voter information, because of a software error, now the
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suspended the sanders campaign from accessing their voter database. that database is helpful tore campaigns because it's full of information about voters nationwide, sanders team says they fired the staffer who did this and called the behavior unacceptable. the three candidates running will meet in new hampshire, hillary clinton, bernie sanders, and martin o'malley will face off in manchester. in san bernardino california, arresting enrique marquez, a trd and -- a friend and former neighbor of one of the shooters, for planning support of terrorists, they abandoned several terrorist plots including an attack on a community college and a freeway shooting. today, president obama will travel to san bernardino to meet with the victims' families and survivors of the shooting.
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with his national security team. he then tried to reassure americans there is no credible threat of an attack during the holidays. >> at this moment, our intelligence and counterterrorism officials don't have any credible and specific information on an attack on the homeland. that said, we have to be vigilant >> and terror concerns leaving disneyworld to boost security and add metal detectors. universal and seaworld in florida scanning visitors, disney banning toy gun at all its parks. an audit is set to come out of schools and it's said to be controversial, the district could save millions every year by closing some schools that are less than 68% full, and by eliminating some teacher positions, the district could then move students to better schools and the money saved could go towards better education and additional support services.
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age to buy cigarettes from 18 to 21, that change takes effect in february, boston joins 85 other communities in massachusetts that increased to the age for buying tobacco products, the state legislature is considering a similar proposal. [ "star wars" music ] the wait is over. after years of anticipation and months of hype, a movie shrouded in secrecy finally premieres, "star wars: the force awakens". i really wish i had a deep radio voice, like deeper voice there. last night though, fans flocked to theaters across the country and right here in boston to see the film. >> so the big question this morning, what did everybody think about it? our louisa moller is live with the first reviews out and please, louisa, no spoilers tuesday. >> reporter: no spoilers, but let me just say, good morning, be with you!
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boston, here at lowes theater a big deal later, don't mind the truck, got to drop off candy for the fans, the anticipation out of this world and the fans told me it didn't disappoint. >> oh, it was amazing, exactly be. >> reporter: for months it felt far, far away, but jedis stormed in to theaters for the latest rendition of a movie that's become its own force in american cinematic culture. development and cinematics, exactly what i would to expect from the quality of the "star wars" trilogy. >> reporter: "star wars: the force awakens ". >> the force is calling to you! >> absolutely awesome. i would see it 1,000 times more after this. >> you got to see it. you just got to see it. >> reporter: with a cast of original characters that had about 350 fans in revere spending light years in the theater yesterday, showing up at 3:00 a.m. to watch all the "star wars" in order, culminating with
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>> basically i've grown up with "star wars", i don't remember a time without "star wars" in my life. >> reporter: and since the very first episode in 1977, the "star wars" brand has delighted many and grossed millions in profits, meaning you might like the new effects. >> blown every expectation i had away. >> reporter: you can still watch it with your father! >> i'm ready for the next one. >> reporter: did you like that? apparently my voice was a lot deeper earlier this morning, than it is now. thankfully i did not do my chewbacca impression. what we do know, last night grossed millions of dollars, probably in the hundreds of millions of dollars and it's likely going to go up from there, just listening to the number of people who bought their tickets for saturday. i'm excited for you. we're live in boston, louisa moller, wbz "this morning", back to you guys. the mania, louisa.
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you are a lot prettier than chewbacca, don't even say that! >> reporter: thank you! [ laughter ] >> we need to get you the bun. >> reporter: don't diss chewy. >> she needs the leia buns for sure. targeting unlocked cars. >> the two teenagers in bars, the stealing. the indie car race through the sea port is a go, just how soon you can score tickets. and this coffee perk, the new blend that aims to keep your caffeine buzz going all day long, that sounds nice, pamela. yeah, that does sound great, i like a steady inflow of caffeine as i finish my thermos of coffee in the morning, almost empty, bus stop forecasts, temperatures in the 40s, areas of fog but later today temperatures will be in the lower 50s and we have a chance for rain. who could see the showers coming
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here's a live look at boston commons, and stay with us, we will be right back. [ music ] catch holiday-cookie cheer on the tip of your tongue with dunkin' donuts' holiday- cookie-flavored coffees. after 12:00 p.m., enjoy any medium latte or macchiato for $1.99.
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nestle, right now, is working with researchers to develop a cup of coffee that releases caffeine slowly throughout the course of the day. now, the idea is to give someone a steady dose over the course of several hours instead of that instant jolt, and then the crash you always feel afterwards. coffee though, still in the early stages of development. as they say. >> keep our eye on that one, especially on this shift. >> yeah, we need it. but i think we'd need like, more and more. >> yeah, you need like a jolt and then a sustained. >> yeah, how do you keep that buzz, you know, pamela? >> that's a million dollar question, i wish i would've invented something like that! with us. >> that's true, and you know, i want to be here, it's friday, we're all celebrating the entrance to the christmas season. well, if you haven't already, the weather is now finally going to feel like the christmas season and thankfully, temperatures will be slightly colder than what we've had pretty much for the entire month. now, for rainfall totals,
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anywhere from a quarter of an inch to half an inch of beneficial rain, most of the showers moved out but a damp start to the day low clouds in all locations, and low visibility thanks to light fog that has settled in, the densest fog this morning in the outer cape and on nantucket, light fog reported at logan airport, seven miles or less with the visibility, satellite radar pictures shows the overcast sky, these showers move along the coastline later today, giching -- xwif -- giving us a chance for a light shower, right on schedule, looks like we'll have a few spotty showers along the south shore, the cape, the islands and that's primarily where we expect the light showers, worcester county or even to the north and west of there, partly sunny, 4:00 p.m., still continuing through this
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through 7:00, but all the rain moves out, mostly clear overnight with falling temperatures in to the freezing zone, meaning that it could be a little bit of a frosty start to saturday. definitely feeling like winter, saturday afternoon as we keep the cold temperatures around, the wind picks up and there's a chance for a few flurries, once you get to the ski resorts, which is zbood news -- good news there, current temperatures to start off in the 40s, taunton, nashua waking up to 42 degrees, hour by hour forecast, temperatures don't really change too much this afternoon, either in the upper 40s or 50s, average high being 40 degrees once again an above normal day, upper 40s low 50s across the board for all those high temperatures and overnight tonight, low temps dip back to the freezing mark, upper 20s farther to the north and west, the forecast to the west, ski resorts, should be able to make that slope as temperatures fall in the upper 20s to the north, with high temperatures right around freezing both
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ahead to christmas, yes, it will be warmer, almost feeling like easter with christmas eve, a high of 62 degrees, forecast, 30 sunday for the high, winter begins monday with a high of 41 and a steady increase through next week. hey, we want to hopefully put you in the christmas mood with this video. [ singing ] [ jingle bells ] >> hey! great stuff! this is a school this dorchester, bridge charter school to be exact, eric fisher visited yesterday, giving a weather presentation and unfortunately, the bad news about no snow for christmas. traffic and weather together, robi. slowdowns on this friday morning are to the south of the city, a live look at the expressway, the northbound side, bumper to bumper from the split to south hampton street a 20
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and go to stoughton, 10 minute slowdown there, to the north, a center lane crash in andover, the back up to river road, a 15 minute back up there, 93 southbound, you're also going to slow down in to woburn between bree? two teenagers charged with breaking in to several vehicles in cape cod, yesterday morning, police arrested sa brib -- sabrina kroft and a 17-year-old, they stole items from a nearby hotel and apartment, guitars, prescription drugs, cell phone and other items. a judge says the catholic school broke the law when it pulled the job offer made to a gay man, matthew barrett to south pawn academy in milton, but when he listed his husband as the emergency contact, the offer was pulled, he sued and
6:19 am
there will be a hearing to see what damages he can receive. exeter school officials say all school dances are cancelled starting now. the principal says dancing is getting too provocative and he has seen too many students doing drugs, he's cancelled all the dances for the foreseeable future. >> this is not just five kids, the five of you don't come to the dance, this is lots of kids. >> student activities that get money from proceeds may be hampered, the prom not included which is held off school grounds. the indie car race for september in the sea port want to let the world know the race will happen, globe reports they're planning on signing a letter of intent with four state agencies. if that happens today, tickets could go on sale as early as next week, the grand prix of boston proposed the race on a temporary course around the convention center during labor day weekend. >> that will be cool to see cars.
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ahead, the future of a boston bar on the line. >> the hearing for who's on first, this morning following bar. this is jon keller, calling him the most hated man in america. but there's plenty of competition for that title.
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the ceo of a drug company who jacked up the cost a life saving drug by 5,000% was arrested on fraud charges and this morning, he's out on $5 million bail. martin shkreli has been dubbed the most hated man in america. >> our jon keller explains why that title is it fitting. >> reporter: good morning. it's not a title any decent person would aspire to, but with his ultra-arrogant dismissal of outrage over his price gouging
6:23 am
babies and a.i.d.s. patients, his tasteless public preening and online trolling and his alleged operation of an alleged ponzi scheme, martin shkreli arrested by the feds yesterday on a multiple count fraud indictment has emerged as arguably the year's most despicable greed head. now, it isn't easy becoming a global poster boy for greed, there's plenty of competition. so how did shkreli pull it off? off scene profit taking was one thing, bragging about it another. in a recent forbes magazine forum, if you could rewind the clock once would you do anything differently? he was asked. i probably would've raised the price higher, i could've raised it higher and made more profits for my share holders, which is my primary duty, end quote. but yesterday's indictment suggests shkreli's commitment to his investors was just part of the scam.
6:24 am
quoting again, this is a capitalist society, system and rules and my investors expect me to maximize profits, not to minimize them or go half. turns out shkreli allegedly bilked his investors instead. add that to his smug indifference to human suffering, run away narcissim, and complete amorality. and you have the blueprint for championship level hatefulness. talk back to me on this at keller or @kelleratlarge. an early christmas present for fans of the british family. >> the new portrait just released. and speaking of british royal at this -- royalty, adele, sold out concerts and tickets now what they're going for. and things you might want to know today.
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right now at 6:30, lebron james involved in a courtside collision, the nba star crashing in to the wife of a pro golfer, what lebron is saying about that incident our daily talker. plane tear -- flaming tearing through a milton home with an 8-year-old girl inside, that family. "star wars" fan in full force, we caught up with them at last night's premiere, the first spoilers. >> from the channel 4 studios in morning". >> good morning to you, it is 6:30, i'm chris mckinnon. >> and i'm bree sison filling in for kathryn hauser, we're having our lightsaber fight this morning.
6:26 am
[ laughter ] talking about anything else other than "star wars"? >> i don't think so, that's what twitter is all about. the weather is however, something to talk about. not feeling like -- >> good day to wait in line for the movie. >> not bad and you'll need some umbrellas though, because once you go to the southeastern part of the state, that's where you'll experience a few showers, the rest of us looking dry for the duration of the forecast, 48 in boston, mild, taunton, 47 in worcester, and dealing with some areas of fog, dense fog at one point in p-town now the latest update just coming in three miles or less the visibility three quarters or less in chatham half a mile or less nantucket, overcast skies tore us, no heavy rain the heavy actually march across the coastline, giving us a repeated chance for a shower, mainly to the south and east for the rest of us, partly sunny skies, especially farther inland, 50 degrees for that temperature,
6:27 am
tracking a chance for a few flurries, when we can see some of those snowflakes coming in your forecast, traffic and weather together, robi. family la -- pamela, an accident on the expressway, in dorchester, the crash is on the northbound side near saveham hill, the north lane blocked, the split a 20 minute delay, another bumper to bumper is 24 southbound jammed from 128 to stoughton, 50 minute delay there. to the north, 93 stop and go between daskham road and river road, the woburn between 128 and mont vail. an 8-year-old girl left home alone escaped when a fire breaks out. >> she's okay this morning, but now the department of children and families is investigating. our nicole jacobs is live on the scene in milton this morning, nicole, what's going on? >> reporter: chris, the department of families is investigating trying to
6:28 am
surrounding that little girl being left home alone here at this hudson street home. a fire broke out when she was here and she was able to escape as well as the tenant upstairs, we're told. right now, we do know, according to fire officials, the fire began on the first floor of this building, in the kitchen area, they believe. and we do know, also, that a firefighter suffered minor injuries, a shoulder injury there. but yes, the department of children and families is investigating, we're told that mother at the time of this fire had gone to the grocery store, that little girl all the time, all the while there, comtorted by neighbors who came to her rescue in making sure she was okay. another live look here at this hudson street home, a fewer -- fire crew remains on the scene, making sure no hotspots or anything of that nature but multiple agencies going on, one
6:29 am
course, that department of children and families investigation, we'll keep you updated on any new information. we're live in milton, nicole jacobs, wbz "this morning". >> all right, nicole, thank you. this morning, a special hearing that could determine the future of the who's on first bar near fenway park. on thanksgiving morning, a 29-year-old man was shot and killed just outside. the globe reports since 2001, the bar's owner has appeared before the city's licensing board at least eight times to talk about public safety concerns. city records show there have been assaults, stabbings, and shootings both in and outside the bar over the years. a warning for women in littleton, this after a man approaches a teen walking a dog. now according to police, the 19-year-old was approached by a man in a small white suv, officers say the man followed the girl back to her home and knocked on her door. police are investigating but they say there have been no other incidents up until this point.
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people on a transit bus in western massachusetts, yesterday afternoon, several passengers were hurt when their bus hit a van then crashed in to a house in the berkshires, paramedics took at least one person to the hospital with serious injuries. the white house says president obama's final state of the union address will be a nontraditional speech, the january speech will focus on the president's vision for the country instead of the traditional long list of legislative priorities. republican presidential candidate ben carson canceling a planned trip to rail and africa over security concerns. carson was supposed to visit nigeria, kenya, and zambia at the end of the month. and then head to israel before the iowa caucuses. meanwhile, donald trump picks up a new fan, russian president putin, saying the hopeful is a quote, outstanding
6:31 am
trump has said he would work with putin to improve u.s. get along very well. stunning new video in to our newsroom showing a deputy's daring move to end a high speed chase, watch as he jumps out of truck. there you see it right there. he's highlighted in the video, so it's easier to see, deputies started chasing the speeding trucker in nebraska when he refuse to do pull over, turns out the driver had a medical emergency and was passed out behind the wheel. >> wow! great they were able to stop him, in a big truck, like that, don't know what's going to happen. paying a lot of money getting up close and personal with superstar lebron james. >> but one courtside fan probably wishing her seats were in the balcony after king james fell off in the court, robi? >> the red sox recently added
6:32 am
from foul balls now the nba to do more after their biggest star travelled in the seats slam dunking a woman, king james chasing down a ball in the court, barrelled right in the front row, absolutely levels the young woman, knocking over his chair. he's 6'8'', 250 by the way, it was ellie day, the wife of pro golfer jason day, the game was stopped for several minutes, mrs. day was carried out on a back board, her neck fitted in a brace, hospitalized overnight for observation, asked if seats were too close to the court, lebron says it's a great experience for fans and this type of thing doesn't happen much, but his coach said after the game he is worried about fans being too close to the action, adding the powers that be better decide what to do. here's lebron's tweet, ellie day, i hope you're okay, my apologies, hope you guys come love lj. ps, don't sue me. i added that part.
6:33 am
are saying out there about this nba safety. williams says they probably could extend the scores table around the perimeter of the court. that would increase safety while preventing an obstructed view. and steve says sell airbags to those at courtside. that could get pricey, steve. number of ways to comment, website twitter, facebook, love to hear from you, comment all day long, not just during the morning show. chris and bree? thousands of adele fans raced to get concerts tickets online, it was hello and goodbye. your chance to see her. [ music ] >> fans in boston tried a thousand times as adele sings it to us to get highly coveted tickets to her concert here next fall, tickets went on sale yesterday morning, sold out within an hour, many took to
6:34 am
some tickets on stub hub are already listed for around $10,000. >> wow! >> that better come with, like, something fancy. >> right? my joke earlier, you're rolling in the deep, if you can afford that ticket. >> that you can. the other big ticket we're talking about, a little bit cheaper, "star wars ". >> if you didn't make it to opening night, chances are you'll be going in the next few days, louisa moller is live in boston with the first reviews from our local fans, louisa please do not reveal any of the secrets! >> reporter: no spoilers, no spoilers! other than the fact that i have the force. but i just want to let you guys know that fanatics are coming out in full force to see this movie, apparently so is the candy man, you can see the huge truck dropping off snacks because this is a big deal! the premiere of star war "star -- "star wars: the force awakens" last night, hundreds came out in revere, 350 people stayed up from 3:00 a.m. on to watch all seven episodes of "star wars:
6:35 am
the movie, now, fans tell me they were really, really in to the effects as well as some of the original cast members, take a listen to these fanatics. >> absolutely awesome. i would see it 1,000 times more after this. >> you got to see it, you just got to see it. you have to see it. >> reporter: now, the premiere was estimated to have brought in hundreds of millions of dollars and it's certainly expected to grow from there, i hear from people, they brought their ticket, going tonight, or going saturday, i'm thrilled for you. for now we're live in boston, i'm louisa moller, wbz "this morning". back to you guys. >> all right, thanks so much, louisa. >> she can use the force to get me some tickets this weekend. >> all right. i want the belichick helmet robi was showing us, the nfl one, yeah, it looks like a jedi. a legal fallout from a norovirus outbreak at chipotle. >> the first lawsuit filed in boston over the illness and how the company is responding.
6:36 am
vatican this morning, the decision from pope francis and the impact it will have on mother teresa's legacy, pamela? time to check out the weather watcher reports this morning, temperatures mild in all spots here, arnold from hanover 48 degrees, michael in hudson reporting 40 degrees, 47 in worcester according to kathy. more warmth on the way before a big cooldown, tracking when we will see some flurries, coming
6:37 am
12 days of christmas getting a whole new look here in boston, kind of high tech, the special display lighting up the boston public library, a one of a kind installation projected on the iconic building you can catch the light show lights of boston now through sunday on the dartmouth street side of the library. >> this is awesome, pamela! >> i love it, fantastic. going to be a chilly weekend to get out there. >> get some hot cocoa, walk around. it's about time, snowflakes in the forecast too, but all of a sudden we get to christmas and we're talking easter-like temperatures. christmas eve, day, 62 degrees by night, by day a chance for
6:38 am
christmas day, that cooldown maybe put us in the 50s, keep you updated on that forecast throughout the whole weekend as we get closer to the holiday, visibility reduced in some spots as you head out the door, height fog developing and rather dense fog on the cape, visibility continues to improve as we get that sun high in the sky, satellite and radar picture, overcast condition and no heavy showers but some rain sitting just to the south of us, these showers move in and just touch the southeastern part of the state for this afternoon, most of us should be dry today, under a partly sunny sky, hour by hour forecast time in the rain, here's noon, i noticed the green showing up right around the cape, the south coast, the islands and those shower will stay from boston to areas south and east of there, through this evening. for the rest of us, farther inland will be actually mostly clear, overnight tonight and then everyone clearing out, drying out completely until we get in to saturday morning, there's that chance then for a few flurries, all throughout saturday afternoon in to saturday evening which is good
6:39 am
if you don't see the flurries, they'll be mostly sunny and much cooler, brisk, brisk conditions for saturday. current temperatures right now very mild 48 degrees boston, 50 degrees plymouth, hour by hour t 40 degrees through 7:00 a.m. and then click up the 50 briefly in to the upper 40s, highs today, upper 40s lower 50s across the board, low's tonight because of that clear sky, upper 20s for a lot of the suburbs, boston 32 degrees one of the warmer spots there, but even that going to be chilly to us compared to what we've experienced pretty much the entire month and saturday, the coldest day of december so far, 39 for that high temperature, with the wind gusting from the west up to 25 miles per hour, going to feel hike the lower 30s at times, sunday 40 degrees bright but just chilly. and then the warming trend continues as we head in to our
6:40 am
degrees that sunday we continue to tuesday, wednesday 52 chance for rain and thursday, 62 degrees for christmas eve. traffic and weather together, robi. plenty of slowdowns, the worst ones to the north, 95 pack friend woburn in to the lever connector, half hour ride and jammed in the andover stretch between river road, bumper -- bumper to bumper, from avon down to 128. time to check our top stories. >> a brookline mother suing chipotle because of the norovirus outbreak in cleveland circle, her 16-year-old son alexander was one of the 153 people who got sick, the attorney representing the families says the restaurant needs to be put under a microscope so it doesn't happen again. chipotle says is they don't
6:41 am
an 8-year-old girl left home alone in milton escaped unharmed after her home went up flames, shooting from the home on hudson street, the girl was with neighbors by the time investigators got to the scene, the girl's mother left her home alone while she ran to the store. brewster police say tips helped them catch a suspected armed robber wanted in connection with a dozen crimes. they say this surveillance video shows michael sletzinger robbing the convenience store earlier this week. police say they found stolen guns as well as the hats sletzinger war during the crimes at his family's home in harwich. the democrat national committee just suspended bernie sanders campaign from accessing its voter database after a staffer accessed hillary clinton's confidential voter information. a software error allowed the breach, the sanders team fired that staffer calling the behavior unacceptable, the database has information about
6:42 am
vatican officials say pope francis just approved the miracle needed to make mother teresa a saint. italian media says it's possible he will cannonize mother teresa during the holy year of mercy, taking place the first week of september, the beloved nun died in 1997 at age 87. the first christmas for young princess charlotte. and an updated family portrait, we'll reveal next. plus, the icy reopening, putting hockey back on the
6:43 am
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coming up 6:52 on your friday morning, a family photo bound to make you smile. >> kensington palace showing this, 2 and a half-year-old george heads to preschool next month, wishing followers a merry christmas from the whole family, proven fact, smiling babies lower your blood pressure. >> oh, that's nice, good to know, thank you very much. bryan mcgonicle street hockey was reopened, a gift from the nhl that makes hosting a winter classic, dozens of members from the boys and girls
6:45 am
shots and a matchup at gillette stadium. preparing for sunday's match with a 3-10 tennessee titans may be tied for the worst record in the league but brady and his teammates won't be focused on that, trying to focus on winning the 12th game of the season, 11:30, pat and titans kick off at 1:00 here on wbz, followed by that 5th quarter post game show on my tv 38. >> looking forward to it, the early games you get to stay up and watch them. coming up. >> good morning to you, bree and chris, chilling plot targeting a community college and drivers at rush hour, we'll look at the charges just filed against a bernardino attackers. and hear the muslim american community's reaction to donald trump, republican strategist is
6:46 am
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some good news for the pats, unseasonably warm weather and everything in between. >> yeah, a lot going on, a look back at the week that was.
6:48 am
clinching a playoff spot. >> you're an inspiration. >> playing tribute. >> special needs is really a special field. >> yesterday i was on my back porch in bermuda shorts sipping a pina colada. >> with the suit jacket, okay. >> several people are recovering after a wall collapsed, trapping them underneath. >> philip chism was found guilty of murdering colleen ritzer. >> this debate focused on security and had a fearful tone. >> chaos candidate. >> there are growns ups waving around lightsabers. >> where did 2016 go, danielle? >> please done not repeat this, it's on you. >> on me? >> a neighbor with a leaf blower. >> exactly what i was like when i go for a run. >> i was just going to say. [ laughter ] >> don't we all? >> i mean not like a guy, but we've all got -- never mind, i quit. what a week! >> it was a fun week, yeah.
6:49 am
and we have another warm day, by december standards at least, 10 degrees above average, 50 degrees for that high temperature, a few showers in southeastern parts of massachusetts, partly sunny otherwise, farther inland and by this weekend, finally feeling like winter, high temp of 39 on saturday, chance for flurry or two, blustery sunday, 40 degrees, then back to some 50s, ugh, 62 for christmas eve. >> but you can see the big guy waving down there. >> going to be smiles! >> have a great day everybody,
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